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The home of Business Transformation from within.

28 Bells exists to help organisations fulfil their full potential by growing people to transform businesses.

I setup 28 bells to address what I would consider is a worldwide deficiency in business leadership. I believe going to work is one of our highest callings and because we spend about 1/3 of our lives working, it should better than it is.

I have countless stories, some my own, but mostly the stories of other people who’ve for one reason or another have been poorly treated at work. I believe this is in part due to poor managerial leadership because those “in power” are not adequately equipped in the nuances of proper leadership and they are not growing their skills as a leader.

I have vision, that if you could engage your team, workforce and staff correctly. You would see incredible results because they know that you as their leader actually care about who they are and have their best interests as one of your core values instead of your own interests.

It’s about getting the best of employees while they’re at work then allowing them to give their best to their families while they’re at home. Most of the time though, they’ve given most of the energy away at work, unnecessary stress through poor organisation practices and nothing left for their family - people go home mentally, emotionally and physically worn out.

You owe it to yourself, your team, your family and anyone that knows you to do the very best while you’re at work to provide a supportive environment which stimulates growth, enthusiasm for your team to be able to give 100% and still feel good when they leave.

We offer 4 services to meet the needs of your business.

   -Business Leadership

   -Employee Engagement

   -Personal Growth

   -Video Production

Business Leadership

Business Leadership

Level Up your Organisation

Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Our 6 week leadership development program takes your team leaders, line managers and other staff to the next level.
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Go further, faster!

Only about 30% of your employees are truly engaged at work. Are you a business leader or part of a management team who are struggling to get the best out of your employees.
Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Achieve your dreams

Personal growth is more than just reading more and exercising regularly. Talk to us about embarking on a personal growth journey and see where intentional growth takes you.
Video Production

Video Production

Maximising your Message

We believe that the best way to convey a message is by using video to accurately and concisely describe what you do. We use interactive video content to increase engagement.


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