Most companies suffer at the hands of leaders who have the position of a leader, but do not have the necessary skills to lead a team effectively. There's usually never a fatal blow that causes an individual to check out or loose heart, many times, when you talk to the team members you'll discover that it "death by a thousand cuts". It's all the little things that go unchecked. Whether it's not dealing with a tricky situation, or treating people unfairly, or disrespecting people in a meeting. It takes a leader to see where the team needs bandaging so that the team can move past these hurts and truly become the high functioning group that they want to be.

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How can 28 Bells Help?

We'll start by identifying your biggest stumbling blocks to your department's concerns and
issues. We'll then create a plan that aligns with your goals and objectives using the
three streams below.


We'll begin by forming an understanding of where you and your team currently are, present you with an assessment and formulate a plan for your growth journey.


The plan consists of three phases. Learning, applying, and teaching again. The team are shown how to use tools, given opportunities to use tools and then teach others the tools.


In this phase the team and yourself will be expected to show up, contribute, provide feedback and suggest positive solutions for improvement.

Level 1 - Tools

Leadership Fundamentals

We'll start by teaching the importance of vision, values and ethics. The very ethos of the organisation is subject to those ideas and without them team members find it difficult to align their contributions and ultimately the business can suffer if people are not properly aligned.

Each team member will be able to select a book to read that supports their growth.

Lean Tools
Office Fundamentals
Planning a Good Meeting
Team Building

Level 2 - Tools

Leadership in Motion

In this module we'll look how you can grow each of your team. We help them understand that their attitude and behaviour can have either a positive or negative effect on their co-workers and their direct reports.

They will learn how to develop their unique leadership style to positively impact their environment and those around them.

Lean Tools
Office Fundamentals
Sharpen the Saw
Team Building