Employee Engagement

How can 28 Bells Help?

We'll start by identifying your biggest stumbling blocks to your department's concerns and
issues. We'll then create a plan that aligns with your goals and objectives using the
three streams below.


Altruism contributes to a happy, healthy workplace and with this stream you'll learn how you help yourself, your colleagues and the wider community. Helping others makes us happier and we'll show you just how easy it is to give someone a helping hand through work.

Growth Journey

Considering we spend about a third of your live at work it’s important we have the opportunity to grow into the people you were created to be. On the growth journey, you will be challenged to face your fears and discover a lifelong, unquenchable passion for learning and development.

Outlook and Beliefs

It’s really important to ground oneself with a positive outlook and a firm belief system. Growth events challenge thinking and promote positive beliefs, so it’s important that as a business, your team know and contribute to the shared outlooks and beliefs.

Employee Engagement Book

These books can shed tremendous light on the Employees attitudes and behaviours at work

Lee J. Colan

Lee J. Colan

Engaging the Hearts and minds of all your Employees

Employee engagement is the cornerstone of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.
Tracy Maylett

Tracy Maylett


ENGAGEMENT MAGIC provides you with an expert approach to increasing workplace engagement.
Robert Townsend

Robert Townsend

Up the

The man who took Avis Rent a Car and
made it into the nation's best-known.