MDG Case Studies

1. Introduction

We have created 2 fictitious families, the Groves and the Kumars, and International Technology Ltd. the company these families depend on for their wealth. In a series of video case studies around their private and business lives we want to showcase how we work with clients in collaboration our professional associates to deliver a range of truly holistic financial planning services.

2. Mavis's Story

Mavis is a wealthy widow who wants to maintain her enjoyable lifestyle whilst funding the education of her beloved grandchildren, avoiding a likely divorce between her son and his wife and wanting to reduce her exposure to inheritance tax.

3. Gerald's Story

In this case study we look at it from Gerald’s perspective, he’s concerned about running the business if Prakash were to die or become debilitated. He is also worried about his voting power if Prakash's shares pass to his wife Meera.

4. Prakash's Story

In this case study we look at it from Prakash’s perspective, he’s concerned about Gerald forcing him to resign and maintaining the family income if he was unable to work. Additionally he does not want to expose Meera to taking his place on the board working with the Grove family.